cosmic planet

November 2019, Printed circut board, electronics, acrylic sheet.

Made for Mythofuturiddim, ARKA Art, 2019, and shown at 43rd Masters Thesis Show, Blaffer Art Museum, 2021.

"What do I think of when I think of Afrofuturism?" was the first question I asked myself when I was asked to participate in Mythofuturiddim, an Afrofuturism pop-up art exhibition in Houston, TX, in November 2019. cosmic planet is an interactive art piece, made of black printed circuit board, laser-cut acrylic, and miscellaneous hardware, featuring white silk-screen imagery of my hair in the form of a world's landmass. The board is densely populated with yellow LEDs that pulse with energy and movement when the board is powered on. Mimicing the night-time aerial photography of NASA satellites, I wanted to show a world brimming with energy and light.

Silk-screen close-up

Glowing Test Video